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Incidents of heart disease are escalating on a staggering scale in USA. The average American today really needs to steer clear of anything that puts them at cardiac risk and adopt habits that will keep heart disease at bay. While there are several lifestyle interventions like getting exercise, eating right, bringing down stress levels and getting sufficient sleep that help, these are not enough. After all, in today’s rushed world, how do you bring down stressors, or sit down and eat three home cooked meals a day chewing every bite twenty times!

Let’s be practical here. What you really need is a powerful, surefire and proven dietary supplement that you can take twice a day and ensure that you are in safe zone. One that will keep your heart and health safe and sound over the years. We bring you information on one such super supplement. It is called OmegaK and it brings you all natural goodness of pure Antarctic krill oil that’s a boon for your heart and health.

Before we discuss more on OmegaK, here are some eye opening facts on heart disease in USA:

  • Do you know that cardiac ailments are the leading cause of death in USA?
  • Do you know that 1 in every 4 deaths in USA is due to heart disease?
  • Do you know that every year about 735000 Americans suffer from heart attack?
  • Do you know that millions of Americans are suffering from heart disease, and that a large number of Americans are at risk of suffering from cardiac ailments?
  • Do you know that wrong ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in your body is the biggest culprit behind cardiovascular risk?
  • Do you know that the right nutritional supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids can be of huge help in restoring healthy balance to the body and making it steer clear of heart disease?

We present OmegaK, 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil capsules that are chock-a-block with amazing health benefits for your heart and more.

You may ask what’s the big deal about krill oil is. After all, doesn’t decent fish oil (like cod liver oil) deliver the same benefits? Well, it seems not.

If you have been hearing about how good fish oil is for heart, hold your horses. Do you know that krill oil is actually 47 times more potent than fish oil!

Let’s tell you more about OmegaK, the unbelievably beneficial supplement powered by 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil that can work wonders for your health.

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What’s OmegaK

OmegaK is a heart-friendly nutritional supplement from OmegaK, Inc, a Colorado-based company that produces and sells many acclaimed dietary supplements. The company site gives their HQ address as 3959 Van Dyke Rd #148 in Lutz, Florida 33558. There is also a helpline number on the website.

This supplement comes in form of soft gel capsules packed in white bottles wherein each capsule contains 1000 mg of 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil. An eye catching red in color, Antarctic Krill Oil is a powerhouse of two heart friendly omega 3 fatty acids named EPA and DHA and a potent antioxidant names astaxanthin that deliver numerous health benefits.

OmegaK has been developed by Jim Strong, who has researched extensively into heart-friendly natural nutrients. As a young boy, Jim saw his father suffering from a massive heart attack, undergoing tremendous pain and being carried out to hospital on a stretcher by paramedics. This traumatic incident frightened him deeply as a child and motivated him as a grown up to seek ways to keep heart disease at bay. As an adult now, who is himself a father to a little girl, he avowed to ensure that his daughter never has to undergo a similarly traumatic experience of seeing her father suffering from a heart attack. By the way, Jim’s daughter is about 18 months old right now. Like a responsible father, he is ensuring right from the start that his health stays on track and never becomes a trauma for his daughter.

Coming back to OmegaK, Jim researched extensively on what natural substances were heart-friendly. He wanted to find out the holy grail of heart health, and boy, did he find it! Through persistent efforts and after investigating numerous available and ongoing researches, Jim discovered that 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil was one of the most potent heart protectors to be found on this earth because of its three marvel components called astaxanthin, eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and docosahexaenoic acid or DHA which are omega-3 fatty acids that are bound in a more bioavailable form as compared to other omega-3 fatty acid sources such as fish oil. Once Jim knew about krill oil and had verified its benefits first hand, he wanted to ensure that his fellow Americans could also improve their health through it.

So he developed OmegaK to take the heart healthy benefits of EPA and DHA to the American population.

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What’s the main active ingredient of OmegaK

OmegaK capsules contain 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil as its sole active ingredient. Antarctic Krill Oil is an oil extract derived from a tiny and shrimp-like crustacean sea animal called krill (Latin name: Euphausia superba) that lives in Antarctic sea waters. Krill is actually quite at the bottom of the food chain. It feeds on phytoplanktons and zooplanktons and it is in turn consumed by larger fishes like whales and sharks for which it is primary source of nutrition. Here is an interesting bit of information. In Norwegian, krill means whale food.

Krill oil’s really powerful health benefits come from two important components called EPA and DHA it contains that are actually omega-3 fatty acids very similar to those found in fish oil (only better!) Plus, it is very rich in a potent antioxidant called astaxanthin that has amazing free radical nullifying properties to keep chronic diseases at bay.

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How does OmegaK work

OmegaK is amazingly heart healthy and whether you are already a heart patient, or at risk of becoming one, or just plain simple health conscious, this is the power supplement for you.

We must add here that OmegaK’s benefits do not stop at heart health. It is also helpful in controlling high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and brain stroke. Unbelievable but absolutely true!

The omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil, EPA and DHA, are beneficial fats that:

  • fight inflammation to promote joint health and relieve osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis
  • boost immunity to stop infections
  • lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels and bring down total cholesterol count to normal levels to minimize heart attack risk
  • give anti-clotting power to blood to cut stroke and heart attack risk
  • optimize blood sugar levels

The chief beneficial action of krill oil lies in its ability to inhibit lipogenesis (fat or triglyceride production in liver) that’s a major reason for heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

OmegaK has another powerful component. It is an antioxidant named astaxanthin that’s reckoned by many to be the most potent antioxidant ever discovered. Antioxidants neutralize the extremely harmful free radicals generated during digestion and save the body from much cellular damage.

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How krill oil in OmegaK is better than any fish oil

It is not as if krill oil is the only source of omega-3 fatty acids. Not at all. Fish oil and flax seeds also have omega-3 fatty acids. Yes, that’s why oily fish like salmon and sardine come so recommended in healthy diet. The problem is that you just can’t eat enough fish to ensure that you have enough EPA and DHA in your body to maintain and improve your health. Plus there is the fish contamination factor that puts a question mark over how often and how much fish you should actually consume. With seas getting massively polluted, no fish catch is precisely healthy or contamination-free.

Now let’s talk of flaxseeds, another source of omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds have no EPA, no DHA. Instead flaxseeds carry ALA (alpha lipoleic acid) that body needs to convert to EPA and DHA. Unfortunately neither oily fish nor flaxseeds carry omega 3 fatty acids in readily absorbable forms and hence these are certainly way less efficient than OmegaK which is powered by authentic and pure krill oil.

On the other hand, several researches have proven that krill oil is certainly a more effective and safer source of omega 3 fatty acids than any other source. Actually krill oil in OmegaK is pure, condensed and very potent.

Here is how krill oil is proven to be superior to fish oil:

  • Actually fish oil has more EPA and DHA than krill oil but it is less effective for a simple reason, most of it never gets absorbed and is instead excreted out of the body after consumption. In contrast, omega 3 fatty acids in krill oil are way more easily absorbed by the body as these are carried by phospholipids (think of these as little packages that take DHA and EPA straight to your body’s cells for faster and better absorption). Phospholipids are great carriers because these are able to pass through intestinal walls and can carry the good things to cells directly. In contrast, fish oil lacks these phospholipids and instead carries EPA and DHA in less easily absorbed forms which means that with fish oil, your body absorbs less of these omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Krill oil is more efficient than fish oil in improving your omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids ratio which is crucial in maintaining good heart health. The recommended ratio is 4:1. Unfortunately most American diet due to its processed content and junk food orientation is high on omega 6 and low on omega 3 which results in a healthy imbalance, sometimes as high as 10: 1 or even more. An imbalance here leads to inflammation and chronic health ailments. Regular intake of OmegaK delivers good amount of omega 3s to improve this crucial health ratio and thereby keep you in good health.
  • Krill oil is more efficient than fish oil in slowing lipogenesis and triglyceride levels.
  • Krill oil is more effective in bringing down inflammation, often called the silent killer and a major reason for both heart disease and arthritis. Actually krill oil intake shows significant reduction in inflammation in just 7 to 14 days!
  • Fish oil has lower content of beneficial antioxidants as compared to krill oil. On the other hand, krill oil’s antioxidant power is 297 times higher than vitamin A or E. Krill oil contains an antioxidant names astaxanthin which most fish oils do not have. Just to put things in perspective, astaxanthin is 550 times more potent than vitamin E or green tea catechins, 6000 times more potent than Vitamin C, 800 times more potent than CoQ10, and 75 times more potent than ALA found in flaxseeds.
  • Fish oil often comes contaminated with high doses of harmful mercury due to water pollution. Generally speaking, the bigger the seafood, the higher up its ranking in the marine food chain, and more the chance of it being contaminated with poisonous heavy metals like mercury. On the other hand, krill is tiny and at the bottom of the food chain, it is remarkably low in contamination.
  • Antarctic Krill Oil found in OmegaK is high grade, sustainably sourced from most reliable sources and is virtually free of contamination.
  • Fish oil can ‘cause ‘fish burps’, acid reflux and stomach upsets. OmegaK is way less troublesome on your tummy.


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Is OmegaK my only way to getting krill oil

OmegaK is not your only way but it is certainly the most advised way to get the best quality krill oil. The reason is simple – the purity and the efficacy of the krill oil OmegaK contains.

OmegaK has sustainably sourced krill oil from Antarctic krills and it is the best grade and most potent oil available.

There are many me-too brands of krill oil but most use low quality (even adulterated) krill oil that do not give the desired results.

So choose wisely. Opt for OmegaK and get the best. After all, it is an investment into your health.

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Are there any side effects or contraindications to OmegaK

OmegaK is one of the safest supplements but you may need to observe a few general precautions.
Krill oil is amazingly safe for most people and most users report no adverse side effects barring occasional upset stomach. However the following are advised to consult their physician before starting on this supplement:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Those under the age of 18
  • People with seafood allergies (krill is a crustacean or shellfish, hence a seafood)
  • People undergoing surgeries in near future (krill oil stops platelets clumping to reduce blood clotting, that might interfere with surgery)


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How to take OmegaK to get the best heart and health protection

Nothing could be simpler or easier than taking OmegaK as this comes neatly packaged in right doses of 1000mg in soft gel capsules. Just take two capsules of OmegaK everyday –one in morning after breakfast, one in evening after dinner – and you will get all the goodness of krill oil working for your well being.

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How to order OmegaK

OmegaK is actually the finest krill oil you can find in the land. As sustainably sourced 100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil is available in limited quantities at any given time, the producer of OmegaK does not have large quantities of the supplement to sell. Also to ensure that quality is maintained, the company prefers not to sell OmegaK through stores where storage conditions and shelf life can be indeterminate.

OmegaK is thus available only and only through the online purchase mode through its registered website. To buy your bottle of OmegaK, log in or call at the helpline number given on the company site. And do be sure to check for several attractive offer packages that the company offers from time to time.

The dispatch and delivery system of OmegaK Inc is very efficient. All OmegaK orders are shipped the same day. Shipping inside USA is free and the order delivery time generally stays between 3 to 5 days.

Note: A single bottle of OmegaK contains 60 capsules. It generally costs around $67 and hence is good for a month. While OmegaK is a terrific investment into your own health and worth every dollar you pay for it, we do recommend that you place a bigger order of more bottles whenever the company brings out an attractive offer to get the very best for less. Don’t worry, krill oil is very stable and if you keep it away from sunlight in a cool place, your OmegaK would last long with all is goodness intact.
How to order OmegaK

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What if you are unhappy with OmegaK?

The chances of your being dissatisfied with the performance of OmegaK are remote (Yes, we are that sure of its health benefits!). Still if you are unhappy or dissatisfied on any count, you have a 60-day money back guarantee to fall back on. Just return the unused portion of your OmegaK and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

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OmegaK: real users’ testimonials

“When I was told by my physician that my cholesterol levels were dangerously high and I was a sitting duck for an impending heart attack, I panicked. A friend told me about the heart benefits of krill oil. I searched online and by a stroke of luck, hit the OmegaK site. Three months and 6 bottles later, I am sure glad I did. My LDL levels are down, my HDL is up and my total cholesterol count is in the healthy range. I feel so much better too. OmegaK was truly a great find!”
– Anita Vargara, New Mexico

“I had a heart attack 7 years back. As I knew about omega 3s and fatty fishes, I made it a routine to have salmon and sardine often. A while later, I started taking cod liver oil too but unfortunately my health still went down. It was only after I started taking OmegaK that I felt a real change for better. Unbelievably enough, after three months of an OmegaK regime, my inflammation markers are down. I feel so much more healthy. Thank you, OmegaK.”
– Cathy Cuthbert, Maryland

“I am an angina patient, have been one for past 15 years. Even after practicing strict dietary control, walking and deep breathing, my health kept worsening. Last year my joints started swelling and aching. My doctor told me the bad news that I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as well and prescribed many more medicines, some with serious side effects. It was a holistic health practitioner who told me about OmegaK. Although I was doubtful initially, I placed an order for 3 bottles as there was a money back guarantee and I thought that would come in handy if the supplement was no good. And then I started noticing that my swelling was reducing, the aches and pains were reducing. Soon I was feeling so much better than before. OmegaK has helped me deal with both arthritis and angina. I only wish I had known about it earlier. Well, better late than never! Now I recommend OmegaK to most people I meet.”
– James Claudsen, Iowa

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Last words on OmegaK

As we see it and as scientific research bears testimony, krill oil is a superfood extremely rich in health restoring properties. Two readily bioavailable omega 3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA along with a powerful antioxidant named astaxanthin make krill oil way much superior to fish oil. Regular consumption of OmegaK reduces omega 6 toxicity in your body to let your cells, tissues and organs to stay healthy and work with optimal efficiency.

OmegaK contains finest quality deep red krill oil from Antarctic krills that’s free of contaminants. It reaches to you in purest form encased in softgel capsules. Taking two capsules daily will provide your heart and health much of their fighting power to keep diseases away.

If you have heart disease already or if you have a family history of cardiovascular problems or if your vital health markers are moving in the wrong direction, try OmegaK. You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective and health restoring this dietary supplement solution is.

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